Hope Yule Pardon the Mess

So, we are one day into the Yule celebration.  I have some random non-productive thoughts on the matter.

Burhhelm demonstrates the true meaning of "holiday cheer."

Burhhelm demonstrates the true meaning of "holiday cheer."

Tokens: It’s ridiculously easy to gather a pile of Yule tokens with a minimum of fuss and effort.  The casual side of my applauds this.  Part of me wishes that there were more of a challenge.  After all, if they can make a skirmish engine that can scale its difficulty according to the character’s level, then they should be able to make some instanced content that also scales in difficulty.  Just an idea.

New cloaks: I like ’em.  Two of the three are permanently dusted with snow, giving them a holiday feeling.  Which is, of course, perfect for a festival item.

The beer fight: I never seem to be in thorin’s Hall at the right time, and I’m always running around on one errand or another.  However, I’m going to make it my business to try this out.

The horse races: Again, they’re a bit easy.  I wish they would give the horses a little more resilience, and scatter the racetrack with some hostile level 1 mobs or something, just to make the event a little more exciting without making it frustratingly difficult.

The Yule Tree quest in Hobbiton: I admit that I have some strong opinions about idiots.  Hobbits, sorry.  It is so easy to confuse those two.  I completed this quest, but I think that having Lobelia rule Hobbiton with an iron fist for a little while might do the Hobbits some good.  At the very least, I would be amused.

The new festival horse: I don’t know, really. I have had no urge to get a new horse since I earned my Forochel mount a few months ago (though the new Mirkwood horse is tempting).  I suppose it looks nice enough.

Despite it being a little on the quick and easy side (you can probably get most of what you want in a single day), I like the festival.  As a matter of fact, maybe being such a lightweight event is a good thing – it leaves us with more time to concentrate on Mirkwood.


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