Some Reactions to Today’s Patch Notes

A small to moderate patch was installed this morning.  Most of it means little to me, because I have explored Mirkwood proper so very little.  However…


 Trouble in Tuckborough is now available!

Another skirmish available?  Awesome.  I can’t wait to try it.

•Skirmish Soldier Cosmetic traits should now display as intended.

Well, this isn’t a game-breaker, but I did notice it.  Fixing this is a good thing.

•The default appearances of Soldiers without cosmetic traits have been tweaked slightly. They will now be envious of their finely attired, cosmetically enhanced peers.

Heh.  If you play a Captain at all, you’ll remember the first herald that you start out with looks like someone wearing some old clothes they bought from the Gap circa 1980.  It makes me smirk every time I see someone using them.  So, apparently your soldiers will come from the same talent pool, which explains their foolish and sometimes berserk behavior.



•Removed the Sprig of Woolly Mint from the Dol Guldur 6-man & 12-man hard-mode chests.

Like I said, I haven’t really explored the new content that much, but I can only imagine the frustration you’d feel if you slogged through an instance, killed a boss mob after a long fight, and got a sprig of mint for your troubles.  I imagine that this is a good fix.

I saw no mention of Rune Keeper fixes, though.  A friend of mine plays a Rune Keeper, and she told me about an annoying skirmish bug with the class.  When she summons her soldier, her healing runestone despawns.  When she summons her healing runestone, then her soldier despawns.  I hope they get around to fixing that one.


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