XP Overdrive and Other Thoughts

Wow, I’ve barely been playing LotRO over the last two weeks because of hardware issues (which are, I hope, solved), and yet Burhhelm is already level 63.  I’d say that two levels came from just repeating the skirmishes available to him.

This actually concerns me.  Although I do enjoy not having to concern myself with levelling up, I want to enjoy the content.  I really hope that I’m not missing out on anything by doing so much skirmishing.  You could, however, look at this like another feature of LotRO: another choice in how to level up, should you get bored of questing or “deeding.”

Some of my friends are looking forward to the Yule Festival, and I suppose I am as well.  I wasn’t playing LotRO during the holiday season last year, so the festival content will be new to me.  I’ll try it out – worst case is that I won’t like it, so I have nothing to lose but a little time.

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