Running in Tar

Yes, playing any game right now is like running in tar.  That’s because in spite of the fact that I paid extra to have my order filled quickly, and paid for overnight shipping, the ATI card I purchased still has not arrived.  Thus, I am using an ATI 1650 that I managed to scrounge up, just so I can run something over the weekend.  It is loud, it’s slow, and it is not pleasant.  It is, however, operational – something that my GTX 280 cannot claim to be.

The delay in the shipping of my order (which was placed on Wednesday) is something that really irritates me.  It’s bad enough that this store charges extra to fill your order “promptly,” but it also seems to have its own idea of what “promptly” means.  Next time, I’ll stick with the large online retail company named after the big South American river.  Ahem.


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