Mirkwood Besieged My Computer

Isn’t patch day grand?!?  In addition to the plethora of video problems that I seem to have been having, downloading the new Mirkwood content and getting my client up to speed was a rapturous experience.

First, I tried using the Turbine Download Manager.  I figured that it would probably get the data a little more quickly.  Indeed it did.  It also corrupted my entire game.

After an hour of fiddling with the software, I finally gave up and uninstalled the LotRO client and reinstalled from DVD.  I valiantly gave the Turbine Download Manager another try, but it failed to redeem itself – it demanded that I download a fresh copy of LotRO from Turbine.  Instead, I simply fired up the Turbine Launcher and allowed it to download the patches the old fashioned way.  The four hour patch process was surprisingly quick, considering the amount of patching that was required.  However, I’ll be damned if I use the Download Manager ever again.

After the patching was completed, I was unable to get the client to run without crashing and locking up my entire computer at the character selection screen (see my previous post).  This was only solved by uninstalling all nVidia software and using Microsoft-default drivers.

All told, it took the better part of 8 hours to get the expansion up and running.  And, after all of that, I only set foot in Mirkwood once, just to verify that the client had actually loaded all of the requisite patches.  I then exiled myself to Eregion, where I could hit a few of the old 3-man instances with a friend and ride out the incredible lag which accompanies every expansion in every MMO that I’ve played.

From the server-side, it seems to have gone quite smoothly.  Client-side, this flat-out sucked ass.


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