Thus Ends the Annual Festival of Gluttony

With Thanksgiving behind me, I can focus on my job and my leisure time with a little more intensity.  Siege of Mirkwood is supposed to launch tomorrow.  Here are some immediate thoughts:

The Good: New zone, new instances, more content.  Also, this means that Moria and Lothlorien will become less populated (I’m not a fan of crowds).

The Bad: Ever been in a new zone during launch week?  The word “zoo” comes to mind.  Maybe “aquarium” would be more accurate, though.  It’s generally like dropping sushi into the midst of a bunch of hungry sharks and getting caught in the feeding frenzy which follows.  I’ll probably steer clear of Mirkwood for a few days, or even a few weeks.

The Ugly: I can sense a surge of negativity going Turbine’s way regarding the new legendary weapons system.  Especially the incompatibility between the XP runes used for the old ones and the XP runes used for the lvl 61-65 ones.  You can bet that there were a solid number of people who have been running bounty quests to stockpile runes in preparation for the expansion.

So, what’s a level 60 to do if he’s to get experience, yet wants to avoid Mirkwood?  Simply put, there were just too many quests and instances for me to ever finish in Moria to begin with, and there are still ways for me to get a level or two out of the existing zones after people move on to Mirkwood.  Remember that there are only five levels being tacked on to the level cap.  Just getting one level out of Moria mean that I’m 20% of the way towards the new cap.  Nothing to sneeze at.

Also, there the little matter of alts.  My Captain is sitting at level 50, and I haven’t even touched the Moria prequel quests.  So, it’s not as though I don’t have plenty to do outside of the new zone.


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