I Blame the Monkeys

It looks as though my Captain won’t hit level 60 in time for the Siege of Mirkwood expansion.  I blame the re-release of “The Secret of Monkey Island.”  It’s amazing how a well-written game can hold up even after 20 years, but I digress.  LotRO.  Captain.  Only level 47.

I certainly haven’t abandoned LotRO – I played a good number of hours this weekend.  As my Captain creeps towards level 60, his strengths and weaknesses become more apparent.  The Captain can make any group – even a group of two – much better.  Their buffs and extra heals can raise any fellowship to the next level of excellence.  However, they are not the most effective solo characters.  That can make levelling go slowly.  I find that I’m most comfortable fighting one or two blue-con mobs with a Captain – large groups can pull him down very quickly.  While a Captain can’t take many enemies at once, they do just keep plodding along at a steady pace. 

Anyway, I’ve set my sight on at least getting to level 48 before I try any quests in Eregion.  I see no reason to charge headlong into higher level signature and elite mobs for no good reason.  There are plenty of quests still available in the Misty Mountains, Forochel, and Angmar.


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