If You Try Hard Enough, You Can Crash Anything

I’m proud to say that I finally crashed LotRO under Windows 7.  Okay, so it wasn’t actually in the middle of gameplay – I crashed the movie player during a cutscene.  Truth be told, the system is more solid under Win7, than it was under XP, and the graphics are slightly better under DirectX 10.  Actually, I think that the major reason that the system seems more stable is that I used to have sound card issues.  Lots of sound card issues.  Anyway, it seems like the 64 bit driver for the Asus D2 is more stable than the 32 bit driver.

I spent more than two hours yesterday just tinkering with the music system.  It’s one of the super-nice fluff parts of the game.  It’s not necessary, but it is fun.  I recommend LotRO-ABC for a great source of the ABC files you use in automated play.  The Bards of a Feather group on Vilya also have some links to different resources – give them a browse.


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