Fornost or Bust

Yes, I’m sure that everyone thought that this blog had gone to the dog(s).  Not so – Kip still lets me play LotRO, occasionally.

My friends and myself finally cleared out Garth Agarwen and beat down Goldberry’s ugly cousin.  It feels good, crushing a lesser Maia, even if she was a pushover.  Ivar was the worst boss by far – we had no interrupts, so he could cast at will.  I may unleash Burhhelm on the instance a few times in order to get everyone their keys, just in case they want to revisit the place later on.

So, we’ve begun preparations for Fornost.  Most of us are level 34 or 35, but 40 seems to be the optimum level for Fornost.  We’ve got some levelling to do.  The quests and Esteldin and Evendim will probably take us far enough, and we haven’t even touched the Trollshaws, yet.  Getting enough quests should not be a problem.  Keeping the Deeds and Traits up to date, on the other hand, may be an issue.  A lot of people level up and ignore their Deeds until level 60, but they are really only making things difficult for themselves.  Traits really give you a nice lift.  So, I may not hit 40 by the weekend – I may need to go on a few slaying sprees.

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