Captains Courageous

Another weekend gone, and another one spent with friends in what seems to be our standard questing group.  That’s two Captains, a Hunter, and a Rune Keeper.  Mostly, it’s a hybrid group, but it has been enough to deal with most elite swarms on-level.  It could probably use a Champion for more off-tanking and AoE, but it’s pretty sound, despite being a shade low on DPS.

That’s the one limitation that we have run into.  Even with a Hunter, our DPS is a bit low.  Of course, our hunter runs out of power only ten seconds into your average fight – the rest of the group is not sure how he’s doing that, but it impresses us.  Anyway, we’re beefing up our levels for a trip to Fornost in two weeks.  Burhhelm has already furnished new melee weapons to everyone, and those should last in the low 40s.  Authang is trying to keep up with the demand for new jewelry, but the lack of crit material (yellow rock salt) is holding me back from making some really nice things.  I suppose Burhhelm is going to have to go a-mining once more.

One last question which we have been knocking around is what weapon a Captain should use.  There are three real options in the two-handed range, as we see it.  The first is the greatsword – it’s probably the best for soloing.  The racial 2% bonus to sword damage is nice, but it’s not a deal breaker.  The headsman’s axe is nice when grouping, because it can debuff a target’s armor for the whole group.  The other weapon that we’ve been knocking around is the halberd.  The extra threat generated by a halberd is useful when trying to peel a mob of of a lightly armored person, and it’s useful for holding agro.  Which one of these is the “best” weapon for a Captain?  I can’t say for sure.  It may be that you want one of each, really.  Each of them has a niche.

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