No, I Will Not Deliver Your Pie

I’ve been clearing out the low-level deeds with Angring, my Captain.  Part of this required an extended stay in the Shire.  Rapture.  Glee.  Yippee.

Anyone who knows me is already acquainted with my personal view of Hobbits: they are the other white meat.  Setting aside my rage in the pursuit of Deeds, I tore into the various quests, killing sprees, and exploration tasks.  I’m pleased that I’m nearly done, but there is one quest chain which I will not touch: the infamous pie delivery.

You know the one.  The chain where you are not allowed to get near a “Hungry Hobbit,” or they may smell your pie.  Actually “smell the pie” sounds like a naughty euphemism, doesn’t it?  In the quest line, someone discovers that the pie filling is rancid, and you have to bring all of the pies back without allowing a Hungry Hobbit to sniff one of the rancid pastries.  This is the part which I don’t get at all.  If the pies are rotten, then you can be sure that I’m handing more of them out.  I’m hoping that the little rodent-scum all die of botulism.

Of course, I’ve been over this rant before.  I apologize for repeating myself, but hobbits have that effect on me.

So, the plan is to get fully deeded by this weekend, then the Captains Three (though the third seems to be morphing onto a Hunter) will storm the Great Barrow for once and all.  It ought to be fun.


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