I Blame Alfred Hitckock

I’ve been cleaning up the ol’ Deed Log, grinding out a few slayer deeds here and there.  I’m mostly done with Eregion.  I completed my genocidal campaigns against the Half Orcs, the Dunlendings, the Worms, the Wolves and Wargs, and even the vermin (Lizards and Crawlers).  However, it’s been problematic to get myself motivated to finish off the Craban Slayer deed.

Those crows are just a bit too sparse.  They are everywhere, but only occur in small clusters, which makes killing 360 of them a tedious chore.  I know it could be worse – I have a few Misty Mountains deeds on my list as well, and there is no outpost of civilization near the mobs in that zone.  However, it’s still irritating.  Just because I feel the need to blame someone I am blaming Alfred Hitchcock for filming “The Birds.”  I’m also blaming Crow T. Robot, just because I can.


Addendum: Okay, the troll-slayer deed in Angmar has got this beat.  The trolls aren’t difficult to find, it’s just slow, slow, slow.  That’s what I get for chasing after the Discipline virtue.


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