It’s Shiny, It’s Silvery, It’s a Pain to Find

Yes, smiths and smithettes, I’m referring to mithril flakes.

As a weaponsmith, I find myself needing far less mithril than, say, a jeweller or an armorer.  I still mine, however.  Just because I don’t need an upgrade right now doesn’t mean that I won’t make something for friends, my kinship, or an alt.  So, I still mine, and I do find the occasional flake of mithril.

There are some signature and elite mobs in Moria and in Lothlorien that will drop a flake a mithril, also.  However, finding them is a rarity, and fighting a level 60 elite is not something that I do solo.  The majority of the mithril  that I have found has come from mining.

I can honestly say that the mithril flakes that I found by mining have all been found in Moria or in Lothlorien.  Never in Eregion.  Also, I’ve never found a mithril flake in a rich node of ore.  Only in basic nodes.  I’ve found mithril in khazad copper, khazad iron, and khazad gold nodes.  I suspect they can also be found in khazad tin, but I have never come across a flake of mithril that way.

I’ll also say that the best place to hunt mithril by mining is not in Moria.  There are too many hostile mobs that slow you down, and you end up doing as much fighting as mining.  If you’re still not level 60 then the experience is welcome, of course.  If you are level 60, then you should take steps to gain access to Lothlorien as soon as possible.  Lothlorien has some hostile mobs, but it also has a high number of neutral animals.  These animals don’t attack you on sight, so you can dig up nodes of ore without interruption.  Statistically, mining more nodes means finding more mithril.

When doing some serious nonstop mining, I gather one or two mithril flakes per hour spent in Lothlorien.  I also get a load of ore, which I can use or sell as I see fit.  You can even pick up the Lorien quests and mine as you ride from location to location.  Getting some reputation and a bit of pocket money is always welcome.


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