The Riddle of Steel

So, the devs have posted a diary entry on the LotRO page about the new legendary weapon system.  There are two halves to it.  Here are the basics, plus my knee-jerk reactions.

First, the experience table for items is being revamped, which will mean that it will be easier than before to get a legendary item or weapon up to the mid-point in experience.  That’s good – it allows you to make new legendary items useful in a timely fashion.  Existing legendary items will have their level caps raised and have their experience level adjusted for their existing number of experience points.  Okay, no problem there.

Second, the legacy system is going to be overhauled.  Legacies will be divided into primary (highly desirable) and secondary (nice to have, but frequently useless) categories.  A newly identified legendary item will always get a random primary legacy assigned to it.  There is a chance at adding an additional primary legacy as you advance the item in level and earn reforgings.  Okay, I guess – it would be nice to be guaranteed another primary ability at level 30 or 40, though.  It’s not like it doesn’t take a good deal of work to get an item to that level.  Finally, existing items will have their legacies reset according to the new legacy system.  This is something I do not like – if you worked long and hard forging weapons until you came up with a desirable one, then it’s a bit of a slap in the face to get it taken away from you.

Speaking of slaps in the face, there is a P.S. for Champions: your stance based legacies are on the chopping block.  While I found the legacies for Champions to be lacking in overall utility, I simply have too much paranoia and cynicism built up from playing various MMORPGs over the years regarding rumored “fixes” to existing items/systems.  To be blunt: I think the devs are going to cause more harm than help with regards to legendary Champion items.

That could be the paranoia talking.  We’ll have to wait a little longer to see what the situation is.


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