Trio of Terror

When I started playing LotRO, I had my eye out not only for a game that I would enjoy by myself, but also for one that would keep my fickle friends interested.  They tend to play a game for a few months, then move on – as do I.  So far, LotRO has kept all of us busy with no sign of getting old.

However, one of my friend decided to change his preferred character class after taking a minstrel all the way up to level 45.  He’s playing his Rune Keeper alt, who can also heal fairly well.  He says that the Rune Keeper does far more damage, and is a more viable solo character.  Not having played a Rune Keeper or a minstrel, I have no way of making any judgements on this.

My other friend is levelling his Guardian through his 50’s using a greatsword instead of sword and board.  My Guardian has just ground his way to 30, and I can absolutely confirm that they are a nightmare to level with sword and board – they kill so slowly that mobs respawn around them, and your cooldowns are available multiple times in a single fight.  Two handed upgrades their DPS from pitiful to mediocre, but it makes them more viable solo – and they are still rather tough, even without a shield.

That’s where our main characters are at.  This Saturday, we tried something a little different.  One of my friend’s sons came along with us, and we tried a low-level group composed of three Captains and a Burglar.  These alts are all in thier low 20’s, but the healing from three Captains is nothing to sneeze at.  Additionally, I would have to say that their two-handed damage is just about on par with that of a Guardian, plus they get a henchman and some very nice buffs.  Three Captains plus their henchmen make a healing/DPSing stampede which can overwhelm large numbers of mobs in a single pull.  It was a blast, and we may try another outing in a few levels (so we can clear out our quest logs and start fresh).  I’d like to hit the Great Barrow with a level 25ish group with three Captains in the mix, that would be a good test of their durability.


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