I Think, Therefore… Something Something

Sticking with the theme of brainstorming about MMORPG longevity, here’s something that keeps me coming back for more: epic moments.

No, I don’t mean getting an epic piece of loot or earning an epic mount.  Those can be fun, but you can get that kind of thing in just about any game that’s offered right now.  No, I mean a poignant or exciting moment that feels like it was lifted from a book or movie.

The first time that I came up to the gates of Camelot while playing DAoC was pretty cool.  However, the first time I entered the city of Stormwind and the music swelled up while I walked the bridge between the statues of great heroes… that was epic.  Of course, you don’t have to judge on the basis of graphics or sound.  In LotRO, the epic quest line is just that – epic.  It’s rather amazing to be present at the reforging of Narsil (something that I experienced last night), so epic storytelling can be just as compelling as visuals and music, when it is done right.

Now that it has come up, music and voice acting are both important, and they are neglected by some games.  If you have beautiful graphics and a lousy musical score, it is pretty much the same as going to a movie that was filmed by professionals, but has no soundtrack.  Music evokes emotions in people, and it can add to the power of a story or a scene.


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