The sheer cleverness of this post’s title astounds me.  It is clever, because the title applies to both a class in LotRO and Champions Online.  See?  All right, maybe it’s not that clever, but I’m sticking with it.

Yes, Champions online launched.  I bought it and played it.  Then, I set it aside.  I like the Champions setting, and it feels familiar to me.  The interfaces are mostly intuitive.  The same with gameplay.  However, the content is just a little sparse, and it couldn’t keep me engaged.  A few more months of development would have been good for this game – it needs more minor  storylines and missions to flesh things out.  I’m setting it aside in hopes that Cryptic will add some more missions and other content in the future.

Now, back to LotRO.  Minor news updates: maxxed out my weaponsmithing, farmed for gold and bought nicely crafted gear, and I am now in the process of going back and picking up the deed which I bypassed along the way.  Oh, and I finished grinding out Lorien reputation and got a white horse.  I’m so proud of myself, I could just spit.


So aside from pointless bragging, let me offer something more substantial.  Some time ago, I offered some mining locations for potential crafters.    I’ll offer a few more here.

Ancient silver and ancient iron: These can be found in a few places.  Forochel, the eastern Misty Mountains, and throughout most of Eregion.  However, the single best place to mine ancient metals is in southern Forochel, on either side of the road heading south from Kauppa-Kohta.  The respawn is fairly good, the mobs are low level for this zone, and the ore spawn points are abundant.

Khazad copper and khazad tin: These are found mostly in the western regions of Moria, though there is a little in the southern parts of Eregion.  I’ve never seen them spawn in great concentrations, but there always seem to be three ore nodes up at the crossroads south of Zirakzigil.  Fortunately, you won’t need these metals for long, and not in great quantities.

Khazad iron and khazad gold: The two best places to find these ores are in the Redhorn Lodes and in Lothlorien itself.  You’ll have to fight a good number of orcs on the Redhorn Lodes, while Lothlorien is mostly full of neutral beasts.  However, use what you have access to at your level and you ought to do just fine.

Mithril: You will find a few flakes of mithril while mining.  It is inevitable.  In my experience, it has come from regular khazad iron nodes, but it has come from copper for others.  And it can be found in Lothlorien, so if you have access, that’s a good place to look for it.  Of course, there are a few scattered mobs hither and yon that drop a flake of mithril, but they are rare, and the area is well picked-over.  If you get an opportunity to bash one of them for mithril, then go for it.  However, you will end up getting most of your mithril from mining, in the long run.


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