Lazy Days

Work is slow, lately. Wow, is it slow. I do a lot of sitting around and waiting for permission to do my job. Fortunately, I get paid for the time I spend waiting. Anyway, it gives me time to think (but not post, since accessing blog sites is verboten by the firewall).

Between questing for tokens and grinding out mobs for coin, since Burhhelm is doing a few more upgrades, I started a Warden. Now, I already have a Guardian, and he’s OK to play. However, the Guardian and the Champion play rather similar to each other. The Warden is different enough that it has caught my interest. I’ll at least take him to level 20, I think, so I have a god lowbie alt to play around with friends when we just want to storm the Barrow Downs. What sets a Warden apart from other classes is that you need to plan your series of attacks properly in order to pull off a special maneuver. It makes the class a little more challenging, but it also allows you to attack different sorts of enemies in different ways. In short, I put my stamp of approval on the Warden class – it’s different, but still interesting. Try one out.

In the grand scheme of things, the Warden is still only an alt, though. Burhhelm, my Champion, remains my primary character. At level 60, there are three things to do: first, upgrade your gear, second, level up your legendary items, and third, check out all of the content that you can access. The first and second go hand-in-hand via the Lothlorien quests and the crafting instances in Moria. The Lorien quests give you reputation, silver branches, and item experience. The Moria instances give you tokens which can be turned in for gold leaves, and tons of drops and silver from the mobs inside. Admittedly, there are only a few items that I find worthwhile from the Lorien barterers (I picked up the white horse and the Beleriand/Orcslaying scroll for my primary weapon), but the quests do not take long, and they give you a nice chunk of silver coin to boot. I also recommend chipping away at deeds and storylines in area that you neglected (I avoided most of Forochel, except for mining).

Enjoy the game, you paid for it. There are some nice storylines to be discovered.


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