Enough Content to Choke a Horse

That’s pretty much how I think of LotRO. There’s almost too much to do. Why do I bring this up?

Burhhelm is level 59, and rapidly powering his way towards level 60. I’m not trying to level quickly; it’s just that there are quests everywhere! And you really can’t pass them up, because the quests are the storylines that immerse you in this game. Which is not to say that I haven’t ground away on mobs – I certainly have, but I try to restrict that sort of thing to fighting grays for coins (usually to purchase armor).

But, really – can there be such as thing as too much content? I suppose it depends on why you’re playing the game. If endgame raiding is what you want to do, then there can certainly be too much content – or at least too much content at the lower levels, and not enough at the top. Personally, I really like what LotRO has, because it gives me an excuse to revisit the lower level areas without forcing me to reroll a new character (though you can roll a few alts, if that’s your desire).

The game has also brought out an obsessive-compulsive streak in me. I put off leveling from57 to 58 for a week in order to get a pair of level 58 swords forged and ready for myself. My friends call it a disease, but they couldn’t write anything because they are grinding away on gray mobs and collecting cash so that they have made complete sets of armor ready for the second they level up. Okay, maybe it’s not just me.


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