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Enough Content to Choke a Horse

Posted in LotRO with tags on August 24, 2009 by koljarn

That’s pretty much how I think of LotRO. There’s almost too much to do. Why do I bring this up?

Burhhelm is level 59, and rapidly powering his way towards level 60. I’m not trying to level quickly; it’s just that there are quests everywhere! And you really can’t pass them up, because the quests are the storylines that immerse you in this game. Which is not to say that I haven’t ground away on mobs – I certainly have, but I try to restrict that sort of thing to fighting grays for coins (usually to purchase armor).

But, really – can there be such as thing as too much content? I suppose it depends on why you’re playing the game. If endgame raiding is what you want to do, then there can certainly be too much content – or at least too much content at the lower levels, and not enough at the top. Personally, I really like what LotRO has, because it gives me an excuse to revisit the lower level areas without forcing me to reroll a new character (though you can roll a few alts, if that’s your desire).

The game has also brought out an obsessive-compulsive streak in me. I put off leveling from57 to 58 for a week in order to get a pair of level 58 swords forged and ready for myself. My friends call it a disease, but they couldn’t write anything because they are grinding away on gray mobs and collecting cash so that they have made complete sets of armor ready for the second they level up. Okay, maybe it’s not just me.

The Long Dark, Legends, and Finding the Path

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Where to begin?

Not only do I have a longer commute, I’ve been on night shift for a while, now. I am writing this blog entry from work, from where it will be sent home via email, then quickly formatted and posted. I just don’t seem to have time for gaming on weeknights any longer, let alone blogging. Such is life.

Note that I did not say that I simply do not have time for gaming – perish the thought. My gaming has been restricted to the weekends, though, which beckon gloriously to you on Wednesdays, teasing ever closer on Thursday, come into reach on Friday, and you grab hold with both hands for Saturday and Sunday – only to slip into the pit of despair when you find yourself slogging off to work on Monday.

I’m still playing LotRO. Burhhelm has arrived in Moria. Still guildless, he spends his time exploring, which is really one of the things I love to do. So, it’s really not much of a sacrifice to be without a guild. Besides, with my schedule what good would a guild be to me, or vice-versa?

I’ve begun tinkering with legendary items in LotRO. It does seem to me that there’s no really good reason to get wrapped up with them at level 54, like Burhhelm. Tinker around with them at 50, then go back to using your trusty crafted weapons – they are far superior to lower level “legendary” items. I find it interesting that you can craft your own legendary items from fragments of other ones (if you find a legendary item for which you have no use, you can take it to a relic-master in order to have it smashed to bits). Then again, I do get a vicarious thrill out of crafting in this game, and I still have no explanation for that.

So, right now my goal is to get Burhhelm up to level 60, forge a nice legendary sword, and cause a great deal of mayhem while grinding out old deeds. By the time I’m bored with that, I can either try my hand at raiding in LotRO, or see how Champions Online turns out to be. I think it’s a win-win proposition.

I’m going to close by talking about golld old paper-based RPGs. Specifically, Pathfinder. The core rulebook has been released, and I’m still digenting the contents. I do have to ask: why nerf the cleric? Taking away heavy armor proficiency and messing with their turn undead ability (which is really their class-defining ability in D&D) is a bit much. I understand that a cleric character can basically be built back up by using feats (which come fast and furious in this game). However, they really shouldn’t have to. Anyway, I’ll post more musings as I come up with them.