Is That the Best You’ve Got?

Well, one thing I can say about my experiences with playing Authang: Guardians are tough. They can’t do significant damage, but they can survive fights that they have absolutely no business winning. That’s the key word: survive. That is exactly what Guardians do, they outlast the enemy. Or should I say “enemies,” because pulling entire groups of foes and slowly putting them all down is the forte of the Guardian.

I’ve tried going with a two-handed weapon, but the damage is just not all that impressive, and not using a heavy shield really hurts your survivability. So, I focus on just being tough as possible, and things usually go my way.

Of course, this sort of mas-pulling behavior does tend to make you a little cocky, and you will bite off more than you can chew from time to time. That’s why Eru gave you feet: use them.  Low cunning, FTW.

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