Tanks for the Memories

Authang has chipped away at the quests and deeds from the Lone Lands until he has butted up against Weathertop, and gotten to the point where everything jumps in level. So, it’s off to the North Downs for him.

Trestlebridge has some easy quests and some nasty ones, but like any good quest cluster, there is a lot of overlap. Armor and weaponry are, of course, important to a Guardian, so Authang is putting further crafting on hold and saving his coins for a shiny new set of armor. He’ll have to beg Burhhelm to forge a new sword for him, because the price for a decent blade is not going to be easy to come by, what with all of the piece of armor and the new shield that he will require. When playing Burhhelm, I found that around level 25-28, you should try to save up and buy a set of purple-con armor. The protection value is immense, and it will last you a good 8-10 levels. The weaponry tends to need replacement far more often than armor does, so a green-con weapon may be the best choice (purple-con weapons just don’t give you enough bang for your buck).


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