A Phantom from the Past

My Guardian (AKA my jeweller-bot) decided to actually use his cooking skill. Really, it was all him, and I had nothing to do with it. Ahem. Anyway, I pounded out the apprentice level and mastered it, then I began to work on the journeyman level – only to find that I needed to make some stew for completing the level, and that stew required the use of a yellow onion.

So, I checked the local farmers, and they had none. I learned that they were only grown by players. Fine. I checked the auction house, and they had none. Irritating, but I decided that my best course of action was to call upon an old friend.

Enter Koljarn, my level 12 Hunter. Sidling up to the master of apprentices, I chose Yeoman. A dwarf farmer? Surely he can’t be serious. Ah, but I am serious. For not only can he grow the occasional component required by my Jeweller, he has the Brewing skill. Well, it’s called Cooking skill, but he only uses it for brewing beer. As Koljarn held the Brewmaster title in WAR, I find that it’s only appropriate to continue to swill suds and shoot at things as only he can do.

Anyway, Authang, my Guardian, completed his quest and continued on his merry way. I may give him a little attention this week, as Burhhelm has reached level 41, and is now using a pair of polished Westernesse swords and able to put the fear of the Valar into any undead that he comes across. Let’s see what the week brings.


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