Digging in the Dirt

One thing I’ve found in LotRO is that it can be difficult to find a source of ore that is suitable to craft items that are level-appropriate for your character. I’ve only gotten part of the way through the game, but here are some of the places where you can find ore with lower-level creatures guarding the nodes:

  1. Copper/tin nodes are everywhere in and around Combe and Archet, but I find that tin has a tendency to spawn near the road between Bree and the Shire.
  2. Barrow iron spawns in the northern and southern parts of the fields around Bree, as well as the Barrow-Downs (of course). You’ll also see some around Tresetlebridge and the Forsaken Inn, but you should be almost done with barrow-iron by the time you get to those areas.
  3. Rich iron is hard to come by, at first. However, I found that it spawn around Lake Nenuial, which is in the extreme northeast of the Bree fields. It spawns in small quantities, but it should be more than enough to get you geared up for the level 20-30 bracket.
  4. Dwarf-iron spawns in the trollshaws, and if you don’t go too deeply into the zone, the worst you will encounter will be a stray wolf. you can easily get enough to gear yourself for the level 30-40 bracket.
  5. I have yet to find a reliable source of ancient-iron and above. I’m still looking, though.

The point, is that by exploration, you can actually keep your gear close to cutting-edge quality (weaponsmith pun). Keeping your gear up to snuff is very important. Through planning and ambush, you can overcome any fight for which you are fully prepared. Good gear will help you win fights for which you are not ready.

Remember what one famous ranger said: “Live by the sword. Live a good, long time!”


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