Let There Be “Ouch”

And the Champion said, “Let there be sharp objects which may be employed to poke holes in others.” And lo, sharp objects were crafted from metal, which was torn unceremoniously from the grip of the earth. And it was good.

I’ve never been much for crafting, but the relatively slow pace at which I’m playing LotRO allows me to stop and smell the roses, as it were. It also allows me the luxury of taking the time to create my own weapons and jewelry with my two crafting characters, something which gives me a little extra pride. When Burhhelm dishes out some serious damage, I know that it is, in part, due to me taking the time to ensure that the weapons that he uses are the best that are readily available to him. And, of course, who doesn’t like the nice stat bonuses that jewelry of the right level grants the wearer?

Burhhelm is inching towards level 40, and so I thought it was high time to leave the artisan level weaponcrafting behind and move on to the master level. Digging up enough dwarf-iron was tortuously slow, but I did manage to do it. The quest for attaining master level weaponsmithing involves going to the middle of the Misty Mountains (and I do mean dead-center of the map) and grabbing some rare iron to make a special hammer. At level 38, I found it challenging, but far from impossible. So, after much travel, I made the hammer and saved it as a souvenir of the occasion. I don’t do hammers or maces, and I avoid axes – I obstinately insist that Burhhelm is a sword-smith. To celebrate, I completely mastered the artisan skill level.

Likewise, Authang, my wayward Noldor Guardian, has been languishing at expert jewelcrafting for some time, now. Riding off to Trestlebridge, I was a bit nervous about how difficult the quest for artisan jewelcrafting could be – it did con purple to me. I was quite relieved when all that I was required to do was pick up some driftwood and hammer it over holes in the great trestle bridge itself. I don’t know what carpentry has to do with cutting gemstones, but I’ll gladly take the skill level and run. Likewise, Authang took the opportunity to master the expert level and had enough uncut adamants on hand to go halfway through the artisan level.

Other than that, not much else has been happening. I have been PUG’ing in the North Downs to try and clear my quest log, but the groups I get into go almost exactly 3/4 of the way through the quests, then they split up. It’s a bizarre trend. Oh, well, not a big deal – I’m quite happy just gaining a trickle of experience by slaying while I mine ore, then coming back when I’m 10-15 levels too high for a zone and crushing the mobs therein.


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