A Sympathy Card for My Old Sound Card

It is now resting in peace.

It took a good chunk out of my weekend to diagnose a problem that I had when grouping in LotRO. When hanging out with Captains or any other class that relies on shouts, it was inevitable that my computer would crash. I don’t mean LotRO would dump me to the desktop, I mean the whole damn computer would BSOD. Some messing around, and I found that the vid card and the sound card were sharing an IRQ.

The simplest solution was to move the sound card to a different PCI slot. That did indeed change the IRQ. Unfortunately, the card would not work in that slot – Windows would see the card, but it would not allow the drivers to be loaded, saying that it was incompatible hardware, now. I tried moving the card back to the original slot (my motherboard only has two PCI slots), and I encountered the same issue.

So much for my old and cheap sound card. I tried the on-board sound (which I normally disabled in the BIOS), but it has no microphone amplification. That’s a necessity for me, because I use Ventrilo all the time (note: that doesn’t make me a social person; we password-protect our Vent server and even our channel). I ended up paying for a new card from the local electronics store because I was too impatient to wait for a web-based store to mail one to me. It probably cost me about $25 extra, but it worked the moment that I plugged it in and loaded the drivers. And it stayed on a different IRQ than my vid card, which made me happy.

Anyway, gaming related content follows:

  • LotRO: Mucked around with my Champion and got to level 36, but I have a glut of group-required quests to do. I’m still well ahead of my friend in level, so I may have to PUG a few of these.
  • LotRO: Wow, is it ever easy to make cash. I beat the stuffing out of the spirits around Fornost, and bought an entire set of new armor (purples, of course) in the course of a single day. I imagine that this is because everyone crafts to some degree, and there is just more supply than there is demand. I’m not complaining, though.
  • Pathfinder: Fun session, themed like an old-fashioned haunted house. We had a brief talk about changes to game mechanics, but I can’t say too much about it one way or another until I get a hard copy of the rules in my hands.

So, that’s all at the moment. Burhhelm may pop over to Lake Evendim for a bit, or I may get my Guardian a level or two this week. It will depend on the amount of free time that I have.


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