Here There Be Dragons

I have to admit that I was somewhat taken aback upon stumbling into a canyon full of drakes while exploring the North Downs.  Burhhelm happens to have made (and is using) a pair of dwarf-forged swords, which are supposedly more potent against dragons, drakes, and their ilk.  However, I do tend to give mobs which have mouths larger than my head a wider berth than normal.  I’ll probably get back to these drakes in a few levels, when I do my deed-collecting for the zone.

As a weapon smith, I do think it’s quite cool that the ancient dwarf damage type has a greater effect against drakes.  It makes different types of weapons more worthwhile, and I’ll have to keep an eye on what my options are at later levels.  For now, my eye is on the Westernesse weapons, which are supposed to do increased damage against the Dead.  Useful for getting those wight-slaying deeds out of the way, eh?


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