Of the Height-Challenged and the Androgynous

I still haven’t completed everything in the Lone Lands, but when I hit level 27, it was time to visit the Dwarf and Elf starting areas.  Burhhelm suited up in his new gear (I’m always a little proud of myself when I craft weapons for him, I can’t really say why), and headed to Thorin’s Gate to start with.

This was more like it.  A newbie area full of killing quests, and only a slight handful of FedEx jobs to do.  I have Elf and Dwarf alts, but I do not play them much.  I’m one of those people that get fascinated by fictional races, and then play a human in spite of it all.  So, these quests were quite new to me, and definitely more my speed.  The zone is pretty compact, and I might spend some playtime with an Eldar Guardian that I had generated with the purpose of Jewelcrafting.

So, the question is whether to explore the North Downs or Lake Evendim a little with Burhhelm.  Actually, that’s one question.  I’m also wondering if I should consider joining a Kinship/Guild.  The problem that I have is that my schedule is not reliable right now, and I don’t want to get other people upset by not being available when they need me around.  In any case, it would have to be a very casual guild with no hard-sell on levelling up (I quite enjoy going along at a snails pace and collecting all of the Deeds, thanks) and filled with very easy-going people.  I’ll ponder this further.

Anyway, at level 27, Burhhelm has actually entered the age of chain at full speed, as you can see:

Party like it's 1099 AD, baby!

Party like it's 1099 AD, baby!

I do love the “Costume” feature that LotRO offers.  As one of my friends says, it allows you to keep gearing up without looking like some sort of hobo.


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