I’m So Alone….

So, I have bid a fond farewell to the Shire. That is to say, I really enjoyed leaving it. My next stop is the Lone Lands, a zone where I think the developers have done another bang-up job of evoking the mostly deserted ruins of Arnor.

Weathertop is iconic, just like the Barrow Downs. Fortunately, Turbine did a great job on Amon Sul, and you get a feeling of why the three Arnorian successor kingdoms (Arthedain, Cardolan, and Rhudaur) fought over this location. Aside from the obvious (the tower once housed a palantir), the hill itself would be of immense strategic value. Now, it’s home to crebain.

At this point, my goal is to level to 27, re-gear, and then head back to the Old Forest to close out Deeds there and continue to the North Downs to explore a bit, then I’ll come back to the Lone Lands. I will say this for Turbine: the amount of single-player and small group content that they packed into this game is immense, and is enough to keep my attention occupied for some time. Between quests, crafting, exploring, and bouts of mindless violence, it’s enough to even make me smile – something that doesn’t happen often.


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