Eriador Welcome Wagon

I’m such a lousy friend.  I seem to have roped at least two of my fellow D&D gamers into trying out LotRO.  If MMOs are addictive, then that makes me an enabler.  Someone call Doctor Phil.

I played quite a bit of LotROover the long weekend.  I really enjoy playing my Champion, though playing a Guardian would probably be better – staying power helps a lot when dealing with multiple mobs.  Still, I got to play in the Barrow Downs, which is an area that I findcompelling.  I have fond memories of that region from my MERP days (Middle Earth Role Playing, an old pencil-and-paper game).  I also got my Champion up to level 22, tried out the costume system (which is awesome – now I don’t need to keep dying every damn piece of gear to make it match) and smithed my heart out to become an Expert Weaponsmith.

Normally, I don’t like crafting.  However, I am playing LotRO differently from the way I play other MMO games.  I am not trying to hit any “endgame.”  I’m trying to hit as much of the content as I can, no matter how trivial.  After I finish in the Old Forest, I’m going to go to the elf and dwarf starting areas and do all of those grey-con quests, too (I may pass on the thrice-damned hobbit areas, though).  I’m trying to do every quest and complete every Deed, with the exception of the crafting quests which are outside of my area of skill.  I’m having a blast doing it.

Which leads me to a final note about Warhammer Online.  I cancelled my subscription.  The game just isn’t compelling any longer.  The RvR component was fun, though the client could not actually handle RvR, but I need some PvE and RvR together in that sort of game.  Sometimes, you just want to go hunt and enjoy yourself on your own.  WAR delivered in the RvR, but all that remained for me on the PvE side was a continuous series of raids.  I left WoW for WAR because I didn’t want to raid like that any longer.  Oh, well.  Like all MMOs, WAR is a work in progress.  Maybe there will be some future changes which pique my interest enough to return.

Our Saturday RPG game was fun, but we talked too much and didn’t get much done.  Still, I’m enjoying the Pathfinder campaign setting.  The modules are very well written, and a lot of thought has been put into everything.  I’m playing a Ranger, which is unusual for me – I haven’t liked any of the incarnations of the Ranger class since they became dual-wielding specialists back in 2nd edition D&D.  So far, I like what I’ve seen.  If I find something that I don’t enjoy, you’ll read about it right here.

Non-gaming topic: my new electric bass arrived on Friday, earlier than I expected.  There’s an awful lot of fret buzz on the E string, and I’m going to have to play with the bridge.  If that doesn’t fix it, then I suppose I’ll have to bite the bullet and pay to get the instrument set up by a professional.


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