Tuesday Thoughts

I’ve had some time to mull over the announcement that Champions Online is being delayed for a month.  In my opinion, this is a good thing.  Since the basic engine for CO seems to be built upon a souped-up CoH engine.  In my experience, CoH had a pretty good game engine that only started to break down (performance-wise) when people started pulling astronomically large numbers of mobs at once.  If CO has performance of this level or better, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

In non-electronic gaming, also known as pencil-and-paper or, as I prefer to call it, analog gaming, my Saturday gaming group began a series of Pathfinder adventure modules called “Rise of the Runelords.”  Melodramatic title, but the quality of the material seems pretty good.  Also, it’s got nostalgia going for it.  I remember the “Against the Giants, “Scourge of the Slavelords,” and the “Temple of Elemental Evil” series rather fondly.  It takes some effort to create an overarching story line, but a good series of modules is better than simple nostalgia – it’s a load of fun.  Best of all, the little gray cells don’t simply atrophy, as with so many other games.  I’ve already given the Pathfinder rules my stamp of approval, but I’m warming up to the other Pathfinder products as well, right now.  I just hope they can maintain this level of quality for a while.


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