Monday – Where It All Begins

And another week begins….

It’s good to have people fighting over you, sometimes.  It’s not so good when it’s a choice between two slaps in the face.  I’ve mentioned some issues at work, previously.  What happened is that the contract on which I was working was picked up by another company.  The good news is that the new company wanted to retain me.  The bad news is that they also wanted to cut my pay by about 30% and take away a week of vacation.  My old employer wants to keep me as well.  However, they haven’t come up with a new position for me, yet.  So, it’s a choice between dropping way back in salary and benefits, or retaining my salary and benefits and not having a job for a few weeks in the near future.  There’s no good answer.

Over the weekend, I played a little bit of LotRO.  When I play it as a solo game with no goals other than to complete all the quests at my own pace and enjoy it with no eye towards the endgame, I like the game a lot.  I’m not sure that it could hold my attention for the long term, though.

Oh, and I watched a blasphemous B-movie.  It sucked.  Which is B-movie-speak for it being amusingly campy.  Watch it, if you can find a cheap copy, but don’t go out of your way to get it.


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