It’s Downhill from Here

Happy hump day.  It’s been a pretty good work week, so far.  I have one job offer on the table and another in the pipe, so it looks like this turmoil in the office where I work will not affect me a whole lot.  Thus, I’m in a pretty good mood, despite having only two hours off every night.

One of those hours (and sometimes a little more) goes to practicing the bass.  I’m still at it.  Since I’m doing the self-taught with books route, I am avoiding a mistake that some music teachers make: doing exercises in order to learn to do more exercises.  I try to split stuff up and do some theory, some new practical stuff, and (most importantly) actually playing some music.  It is, after all, why I picked up the instrument in the first place.

Which brings me to the one thing that I dislike about learning the bass: TAB notation.  I know it’s the fact that I played piano when I was a young whippersnapper, but I do not like using TAB.  It’s just not enough information.  I want the whole thing – timing, tempo, volume, etc.  TAB just seems incomplete to me.

Anyway, when things settle down, my hours will shift back to normal, and I can game some more.  I still have a bit of anti-fantasy malaise going at the moment, but I’m sure I can manage to find something interesting to play.

Anyway, enough blather.  Go read this post on Bio Break.  I find myself soloing most of the time in MMOs, so I thought it was interesting.


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