A Little of This and a Little of That

I hope everyone remembered to call their mother yesterday.  Yes?  Good.

I actually logged in to play a bit of WAR on Saturday morning.  No one on my friends list was to be found, so I made a Slayer.  Yeah, I know, Slayers have been around for weeks, now.  I had no urge to make one before, since I already had a White Lion and anIron Breaker.  Still, the Slayer was fun to play in tier 1 – even though there was absolutely zero RvR going on.  I ran around and did all the RvR scouting quests without seeing any players from either side.  I’m not sure if this portends anything – let’s hope not.  I hardly play WAR at all, but I’d like to see it succeed.

During our Saturday D&D game, we found out that  Pathfinder has gone to print.  Using the beta rules (which are a free download), we converted over to the system from D&D 3.5.  The conversion was fairly painless, and the game seems unchanged at lower levels.  I understand that the major differences kick in later on in the campaign.  Still, neutral-to-favorable reviews from me so far.

I could rant about my experiences with a local small business on Sunday, but I’ll leave that alone.  Start the week off on a positive note.


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