I’m Not Dead, Yet

Time is at a premium, right now.  There’s a lot of chaos at the office.  There are going to be some big changes, some positive and some negative.  Hopefully, I’ll still be working there as of next month.  Uncertainty sucks.

I’ve just finished playing a game called Ghost Master, which I bought online for about five bucks.  At that price, it’s hard to go wrong.  It wasn’t stellar, butI got more than $5 worth of entertainment out of it.  I also have been plinking away at electric bass lessons, and hope to graduate to the electric haddock very soon.  Seriously, though, I’ve been trying to learn the bass, and that kills about an hour each night.  I’m enjoying it, though, so it is time well spent.

I’m still playing actual RPGs.  My Saturday group is going to be converting over to the Pathfinder system.  I like what I’ve read in the sample rules, and the GM likes the setting, also.  While a pre-generated setting makes things a little more restrictive for him, it does free up some of his time, which means more gaming and less setup time.  Fun ensues.  Players celebrate.


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