Keep On Keeping On

A weekend almost completely free from computer or video games, I think this is a sign of the Apocalypse.  In all seriousness, though I had the time, I had no urge to power up either the computer or the console, aside from my weekly web-based D&D game.  This game session was, of course, fulfilling in ways that computer game developers can only dream about.

I loved the Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, the old Gold Box AD&D, and Ultima series for the computer.  They were a great deal of fun.  However, a human GM will adapt their game on the fly for maximum enjoyment, drama, and story.  A computer just can’t do that.  The closest that I’ve seen would be certain MMOs that scaled the difficulty of an instance according to the level and size of a group, but storylines are pretty much written in stone.  I’ve heard of a few games where the world is permanently shaped by the actions of the players, but without any real organization, it really just degenerates into chaos in the end.

Not much is on my radar right now.  I pre-ordered Champions Online.  I also bought a few movie tickets from Costco, but so far I have not seen any coming attractions that really grabbed my attention.  Even the new Star Trek movie just looks like just another action/special effects flick, so I may be holding on to the tickets for a while.  Buying the tickets did make me think about how stuff has become really disposable, now.  For the price of two or three people going to a theater to see a movie, you can buy a DvD, watch it as much as you wish, then throw it away.  Something’s not right, there.


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