I Don’t Really Wish I Was Eighteen Again

What I wish is that I required as little sleep as I did at eighteen.  Yeah, I’m in the middle of two more weeks of second shift, and it’s kicking my ass again.  Not much time for anything, if I want to get enough sleep to avoid getting sick.  So, no real gaming happening this week, as you might have noticed from the lack of posts.

I did pop in to WAR long enough to get the first title (Grave Robber), but that’s about all I could do.  I haven’t seen anything compelling in the new content, yet – so far, it’s just another live event with the usual assortment of check-boxes to fill in and titles to get.  The real intro will come next week.

In an earlier post, I noted that the guitar/rhythm games on the console have really grabbed my attention.  I’m considering making time in my schedule in order to learn to play the bass guitar.  Not enough to perform, mind you, I just want to play along with some CDs as a hobby.  It’s time I picked something up that didn’t involve pixels or imaginary people shooting/stabbing each other.  Of course, this will mean a reduction in gaming time (which is already minimal during night shift weeks).  I think that in the long term, it will be worth the effort, though.

I’m not sure about taking formal lessons, though – the piano lessons I took 25 years ago still rankle with me, and they thoroughly killed any desire on my part to touch a keyboard.  If I meet Bach, Mozart, or Bartok in the afterlife, I’m going to smack them with a piano.

Anyway, this week is almost gone.  New plan next week: hit the sack as soon as I get home, no relaxing.  That way, maybe I can do something during the morning hours.  Right now, I get an hour to do something after I get home and eat dinner, and I get one hour in the morning.  That’s not enough time to concentrate on anything.


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