Single-Player Madness

I’ve been letting my rested XP accrue on my Vortex characters, so I haven’t logged in to play WAR lately.  A little time to rest and recharge before the new content gets released was probably a good idea, in any case.  I’m so burned out on fantasy games that even the previews for Blood Bowl didn’t rouse much interest in me.

I purchased Guitar Hero for one of my roommates a few weeks ago – it was dirt cheap on Amazon.  Everything was fine, before I made the mistake of playing it.  Now, I play the game every other day or so, and even bought one of those full-sized Starpex guitar controllers.  When I was just a kid, I was subjected to 5 years of torment under the tutelage of a classical piano teacher which thoroughly crushed any interest I might have had in playing a musical instrument.  I have to admit that this game almost resurrected an interest in music for me.  Almost – I’m not nutty enough to run out and buy a guitar at age 40 and try to learn how to play from scratch.  I’ll settle for playing along with various 70s and 80s bands in the game.  Escapism at its finest.

I originally bought a console (PS3) for the Blu Ray player feature.  I may be purchasing more console titles in the future.  This disturbs me, probably unnecessarily.  You see, my generation saw the gaming evolve from pong to the Atari systems, to the Mattel and Coleco systems, and then to computers like the C64, and eventually to the “IBM Compatible” lines (that means Intel-based DOS and Windows systems to you young whippersnappers).  Playing games on a console just seems like de-evolution to me.

In the meantime, I need to find something to get the lyrics to Missisippi Queen out of my head.


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