May You Live in Interesting Times

I logged in very briefly lat night to see what was new in the WAR.  There wasn’t much, so I beat a hasty retreat.  Plans are being made to grind out another rank for my Archmage via PvE, though – the rested bar should be ready to go tonight or tomorrow.   A respec to the Asuryan is definitely in the cards.

I’m really getting nothing done at home, lately, and work is an exercise in clock-watching, since we aren’t being assigned any jobs.  There’s negotiation going on regarding our future role, and no one wants to stick their neck out and task us with anything that we aren’t going to finish.  That’s about as detailed as I can make this, maybe I can speak about it a little more when this is behind me.  The sooner, the better – this is wearing me down, physically and emotionally.


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