Stormy Weather

Weather has a definite effect on my mood, and not just because humidity gives me a sinus headache, either.  As soon as I find a place where it is always 60 degrees and is dry as a desert, I’ll move there.  For now, I have to confess that wet weather makes me a tad grumpy.  OK, more grumpy than usual.

I couldn’t bring myself to log in to WAR last night.  It’s not that I’m completely frustrated with the game itself, I just didn’t want to deal with the other players.  Vortex is a pretty good server – people respect your activities and give you breathing room, but I didn’t even want the possibility of a friendly conversation.  It’s OK, this allows the rested XP bar to build up a little more on my Archmage.

I played Dawn of War 2 for about an hour, watched the tube for a little while, and read a little Terry Pratchett.  Overall a quiet evening.  I’ll get back into the swing of things over the weekend, when it dries out.


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