More Torturous than Watching “Mork and Mindy” Reruns

I did a little more Archmage PvE last night to get another rank.  Grinding out XP as a Vaul-specced Archmage is painful, and I’m debating a switch over to Asuryan now, before the new mechanics go live.  It got fairly absurd last night; I would kill one critter (slowly – I think I bored them to death) and pull the next one, and before I was done with the second mob, the first one had respawned.

I got no painting in last night, which is just as well – it began raining yet again, and I don’t fancy waiting around for each coat of paint to dry.  Maybe after this storm front passes by, then I can get the veterans’ other arms finished, and begin work on the nicely sculpted shoulder pads.


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