Take Me Down to Millenium City

As I wrote last week, Champions Online has piqued my curiosity.  It’s also raised a few red flags in my mind.

As I understand it, Cryptic has purchased the Champions tabletop game, as well.  What concerns me is that they are supposedly making it pretty much compatible with the MMO that they are writing.  This sounds a little too much like 4th edition D&D, in my opinion.  In the eyes of my entire gaming group, 4th ed. D&D was/is a flop – it plays in a constrained manner, like a MMO rather than an actual tabletop game.  Perhaps I’m being too hasty to judge in this case, but I don’t think a video game company really knows what it takes to produce good rules for the tabletop.  In a video game, you act within a strict framework, as defined by the developers.  In a tabletop game, you can try anything.

I mean that – anything you can imagine is feasible under the Hero system rules.  Do you want a hero that causes an explosion every time they fart?  It can be done.  Do you want a character whose only power is to make clothes disappear at will?  It can be done.  Do you want a hero who can taste things at range?  It can be done (though it may not be advisable, if your hero lives near a landfill).

My point is that you can’t take an imaginary universe of infinite possibilities and suddenly slam limits on everything.  It destroys the magic of the setting.  And, as a RPG grognard, I would find it unacceptable if Cryptic did this.


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