Everything but the Hammer

Repairs to the old homestead, lawn chores, and general running around pretty much killed the weekend.  Well, that and two full evenings of blessed slumber.  One comedian once quipped “Men enjoy sleep the same way that they enjoy a good steak.”  So true.

I did a little running about on my Archmage – Vortex seems to have a good proportion of skilled healers out there, but the overall number of healers is actually low.  I’ve stated time and again that healing just isn’t my thing, but there’s no point playing Koljarn when we get three healers for an entire warband.  I figure that it would be good idea to get a healer up to 40 as a contingency character – so I can play the healer when there are none to be found.  I’ll probably split-spec him between the lifetap and DPS lines, after the revamp that the career is getting.  Sure, it will make him a less effective healer, but I won’t want to punch the monitor when I play him.  At least, not as much.

We had a delayed start on the Saturday D&D game.  We’ve pretty much decided that we’ll go with the Pathfinder rules variant – when it gets released on paper.  Electronic books work fine for shorter documents and reference materials, where you jump to a specific page.  Game rulebooks of this heft (well over 400 pages) just scream out to be read in golld-old fashioned wood pulp and glue format.  That is to say, give me a hard copy, please.  Unfortunately, the release date for the actual book isn’t for a few months, so I’ll siffer through using the PDF for a while longer.

Good progress on the Dark Angels.  I finished the melee weapon arms and attached them to their prospective torsos.  I began to undercoat the bolt pistol arms, but I didn’t get far.  Bolt pistols and bolt guns have always been quite the pain in the backside, due to the red casing – getting specks of red on the metal, or specks of metal on the red makes for a lot of touch-up.  I also did a little bit of touch-up on the captain I bought off of eBay.  I don’t have to repaint the whole model, just make it fit in with the rest of the rank and file.


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