Misery Loves Company

WAR is more fun when you play it with friends, even if it is just more of the same.  🙂

I got to log in straight away after I got home from work last night, which was pleasant by itself.  I trekked around until I found a zone that seemed to have activity, and finally found an open warband in Praag (open warband seem to be hard to come by on Vortex – most of the warband are private or alliance-only).  The warband didn’t stay in Praag, however – they immediately dashed off to Eataine, where we defended one keep, retook the other, and took the BOs before heading back to Praag.  At that point, the warband faltered, as people went off to try their hand at different PvE instances.

However, I met up with a pair of people I used to group with on Ostermark, so we logged in as tier 3 alts (technically, my Archmage is still tier 2, just hovering below rank 22), and marched off to join the activity in tier 3.  I had quite a pleasant night, even though I was just spamming heals.  We left the group open, and a small warband formed around us.  It’s a shame that I was so tired and left around 2100 to watch the tube and get some sleep.

No 40k painting last night – I just couldn’t focus my eyes on detail that small.  Hopefully, I can do a little more at night and over the weekend.  Saturday is going to be another D&D 3.5 day, though.  That means that five or six hours will be used up in the afternoon.  So many distractions, so little time….


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