Time to Face Facts

Time for me to ‘fess up about something.  WAR just hasn’t been cutting it, lately.  I’ve been trying to muddle on for the last few weeks, but I think I’m getting burned out.  I’ve been to just about all the PvE dungeons, so I’ve seen more PvE content than many people who play the game.  I’ve seen fortress sieges, but I have yet to attack a city.  I seem to spend most of my time online waiting around, looking for something to do.  When the game was still new to me, everything was engaging, and I could run off for an hour or two just to explore a zone.

This may be part of a larger problem: fantasy game burnout.  Most MMOs are fantasy-based.  It’s what sells, so that’s what gets written.  Although I have single-player fantasy games for the PC, I haven’t been able to play those for almost a year, because it’s just more of the same stuff I play online.

So, the main alternative that I can see at the moment is Champions Online, when it gets released.  This isn’t without potential issues of its own, though.  I played City of Heroes when it first came out (heck, I beta tested the game).  I enjoyed the game immensely, but when it turned into “the weekly Hami raid,” then I left for WoW.  So, how fresh can Champions Online (CO) be, if it’s made by the same people who created CoH?  Another issue is that I have actually played Champions, the real game.  The kind of game played with a pile of d6s, paper, a pencil, and the BBB (Big Blue Book, AKA the Champions hardcover rulebook).  Like all games under the Hero system, Champions required a steady hand from the GM to keep it from getting out of line – advantages, disadvantages, and talents can get out of control if not strictly moderated.  The GM was also needed to make sure that things weren’t controlled too tightly, or it would stifle the creative feel of the genre.  That’s a problem – computers can easily set up with rules to restrict things, but loosening things up is never easy.  I have a feeling that while CO will be a superhero MMO, it won’t really be Champions.

All of this is subject to change, of course.  🙂  Who knows, maybe Mythic will pull something off that re-ignites the interest that I had back at launch?  Until then, I’l keep muddling along, playing WAR and painting minis until something better gets released.


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