Beaten by a Door

I had a little time to play WAR last night, so I jumped on at about 2100 and headed out to the active RvR zones.  The first problem was finding an open group – there were several warbands out there, but all were private or alliance-only.  Finally, when Destro took everything in Praag except for the Southern Garrison, I headed to that keep in order to try and put up some resistance.  Someone there finally started an open warband, and people began to trickle into the keep.

The fight at the keep was nothing spectacular, just a typical defense.  Some MDPS came through the postern and wrecked the outer oil, as expected.  We just didn’t have enough people to cover the postern doors and try to defend the gate.  As a low-armor class, I learned a while back that I should get into the inner keep and put up an AoE cannon, ASAP.  Healers don’t usually pay RDPS much attention, so there’s no point in risking your neck.  As a matter of fact, one slayer who kept jumping out of the gate asked for a resurrection at least three times during the siege because healing was so thin (unless you’re a bright wizard, then you seem to get your own personal healer).  So, Destro took down the outer door, got into the courtyard, and tried to chew on the inner door.  We just plain outlasted them, however, and we drove them off and routed them.  Great, now what?   Well, we waited and waited by the outer door, but the damn thing stubbornly stayed wide open.  Finally, it was getting too late and I had to leave for the night.  I was outlasted by a door.  You’d think the Empire could afford to hire a carpenter or something.

In the tabletop world, I snuck a little bit of painting in last night.  The melee weapons I am using all came from the Dark Angel sprues, so I spent what painting time I had just picking out the sculpted details on the power fists.  Progress is good.


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