You Know the Drill

I had to cut last night’s WAR session short due to lack of interest on my part and a dental appointment this morning.  Not that it mattered – nothing happened at all, not PvE or RvR.  I chalk this up to  it being a Monday night.  After an hour of seeking RvR and finding no significant activity anywhere, I logged out and played Dawn of War 2 for another hour before I hit the sack.

I’m suffering from Painter’s Guilt, though.  Any time that I waste in a game without anything happening is time that the 40k side of my personality believes could have been better spent painting  I’ll see if I can do some work on the weapon arms tonight – it ought to be relatively easy to get them mostly done in a single evening.  The bolt pistols and bolt guns are next, and they are what I dread.  Picking the detail out on a bolter can take quite a while.  I haven’t been posting any snapshots of my models, but if Dark Angels are what your eyes wish to feast upon, look ye no further than here: The Angel’s Talon.


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