No More Living Among the Troglodytes

I hate re-adjusting to a daytime schedule every two weeks, it’s like constantly fighting jet lag.  A good weekend helps you adapt, though.

I only got to play WAR during the late morning hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Unfortunately, not much happens during the late mornings in any MMO.  It’s an inevitability, like death and taxes.  We got farmed for a little while in Eataine – no firepower and no intel makes a warband a bunch of wandering RPs waiting for harvest – and that was about all that happened, aside from some PvE farming for potion components.

I’m a little late commenting on the scavenging to butchering skill and component changes, but I am going to voice an opinion, simply because I can.  I don’t like it.  Being forced to farm beasts, which are harder to find than humanoids to begin with, is far less profitable than farming humanoids.  I outright refuse to take flower gardening.  I mean Cultivating.  See how those two get confused?  I play an adventurer, not a florist.

Anyway… Saturday, I got in a little more D&D 3.5 via the Internet.  We played for about five hours, which is pretty good for an electronic session.  The GM is considering the Pathfinder rules from Paizo (former publishers of Dragon magazine), which are an onlay which uses the d20 rules (specifically the D&D v3.5 ruleset) as a framework.  The GM likes the rules because they breathe more life into the basic classes at upper level, and you don’t feel forced into a prestige class.  It sounds good to me so far, but I have yet to really see the rules in action.

And the crawl towards a completed army continues in 40K.  I assembled the heads and torsos of the veteran sergeants, and have begun painting the melee weapon arms of those which will be equipped with them.  Well, I have undercoated them in black.  Still, it is progress.


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