Tee Gee Eye Eff

Another wonderful week of night shift comes to a close, complete with limited time for errands, chores, and recreation.  I made a pretty eclectic mix of last night’s events, with a little time spent on a lot of different things.

I got to play on Vortex for about an hour.  When I arrives, the Order zerg (2 groups) had moved to Thunder Mountain, and I moved to join them tight after they finished capturing the first BO.  How can 2 groups be considered a zerg?  When you only see three Destro all night long.  I PvE’d a little renown, then logged out.  It was just an unusual experience for  me, because Thursday used to be the quasi-official oRvR night for Destro on Ostermark.  Fighting in Thunder Mountain made it even more bizarre, as I have only been to that zone three times before in RvR.  It was alwayslocked by one side or the other on Ostermark – usually Destruction.

In the world of painting, I finished working in the hoods for my Dark Angel veteran sergeants only to realize that I had not done any of the highlighting of the armor on their torsos.  Right now, their armor is such a dark shade of green that it’s almost black.  It won’t take long to brighten up the edges, but I hate missing details the first time around.  I also went over the backpacks of four missile launcher equipped devastator marines, in order to paint them the same way that I have all of my other Dark Angels.  As I’m only going to play 40k with a few friends, we need to discuss which version of the rules we are going to use – 2nd, 4th, or 5th edition.  3rd edition was so unpopular with us that it was the reason that re quit playing so many years ago.  Once we decide on a rules version, we’ll just lock it in and never upgrade, unless it is to adopt a cool looking new model.  Hey, we’re crazy that way.

Oh, and in the non-gaming world, I expanded my horizons last night by watching a rerun of an ancient television show called the Land of the Giants.  It was amusing, worth an hour of my time, but not enough to make me go digging for more.  I know I’m getting old and crotchety, because  I tend to cheer for the bad guys when they chase the inevitable punk “good guy” kids around.  Didn’t you read the sign earth-boy?  Keep off of the grass!  Young whippersnapper!

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