The Mind Is the First Thing to Go

I decided to watch a DvD last night instead of logging in to WAR.   It was late, and I was tired.  C’mon, I’m no Sping Chicken any more!  Heck, I’m so old that I use terms like “Spring Chicken!”

Anyway, I spent over an hour searching for a particular DvD before I remembered that I stashed it away for use during travel.  That killed about a third of my entire evening.  So, I popped my copy of Reefer Madness into the PS3 we use as a DvD player, and turned on the Mike Nelson track for a little MST3K experience.  It wasn’t bad, though it pales in comparison to the MST version of Eegah or the Cave Dwellers.  I’ll try to be a good little engineer tonight and log in to Vortex for some fun.

I squeezed some paint time into this morning’s schedule.  I finished the helmets of the veteran sergeants, but three of them have hoods that need a little more attention.  Some models I ordered from eBay arrived, too – I have to re-paint certain areas and re-base them, but it beats assembling and painting them from scratch.  The whole painting thing is obviously slow going, but it still feels good to slowly make progress on the project.


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